Trader Made 16,000% revenue in Ladder Monopoly NFT Trading Competition






The monopoly game hosted by Ladder Protocol has come to an end. It resulted in a $1.12M buying and selling volume with 5625 transactions made, and $599.95K worth of tokens and NFTs TVL.

Our top 10 placements on the leaderboard for Top Asset Value begin at $8.44K and goes all the means in which up to our first-place chief at $82.33K! Reminding that every participant started with an equal quantity of take a look at ETH belongings equal to $5000 usdt what means that the highest 1 dealer made an insane 16,000% profit.

Top 10 placements for Top Liquidity Provided inside Monopoly start at $6.22K and go all the way in which as much as our first-place leader at $55.8K. The high 10 placements for Total Volume Traded within our simulator begin at $249.26K and goes all the way as much as our first-place leader at $29.9M! That means our first-place leader has 120x the number of transactions it would have taken to enter the leaderboards!

The Monopoly trading contest was a paper cash competitors for NFT traders with mirrored assets on Sepolia Test Network. Well-known blue chip tasks (including MAYC, Crypto Punks, Azuki, Pudgy Penguins, Renga, Doodles, Art Blocks and many others) had been obtainable for trading the same as Ladder partnering projects.

Our list of Partners for Monopoly consists of Starry Nift, Weirdo Ghost Gang, Gritti, Isekai Meta, Furion, Genso, Fansi, NEXTYPE, Gamespace, Apeiron, Cheers UP, FPX Metaverse and Wonderpals! Prize pool with 13 completely different NFTs, 535 Whitelists and 10k $GP tokens were shared among winners.

Among essentially the most active communities was GensoKishi Online, the metaverse sport with 15 years of historical past with 186 trades and a $156,246 commerce quantity. Metaboom, a web3 music participant NFT assortment finished with 139 trades and an $81,435 commerce quantity. Weirdo Ghost Gang community, OUTA the field NFT collection, has been probably the most lively LP having virtually 1k NFTs locked in LP swimming pools with $72,346 buying and selling quantity.

Ladder is a unique AMM (Automated Market Maker)protocol that provides instant liquidity for NFT’s together with ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 standards. Unlike other NFT marketplaces which function on an order book type of change, Ladder protocol takes a special method by utilizing Automated Market Makers and limit orders. By doing so, we purpose to supply immediate swaps for NFTs with low slippage and low fees!

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